About Us
We, PAC Testing & Consulting Sdn Bhd (Comp. No: 575518-A) is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing company. We are a leading independent company in Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health testing and consultancy services. We have been involved in laboratory and on-site testing and monitoring as well as consultancy services since year 2002.

We are dedicated to the successful completion of every task in order to ensure the highest possible quality, accuracy and reliability. Through services and confidentiality, we seek to earn the trust of each and every client.   
Our Vision
To be the preffered service provider in environmental and occupational safety and health testing, monitoring and consultancy. 
Our Mission
To provide the most professional and cost effective in our services in creating a condusive environment and maintaining compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
Why Engaging PAC Testing & Consulting
We consistently maintain high standards of testing services and consultancy and always able to bring the best team to bear on every single project through:  
Experience Staffs

With a wealth of experience in a diverse range of industries, we are able to deliver our services with maximum benefits and cost-effective solution to our clients.
Permanent Staffs

Our business is engaging permanent staff which always ready to entertain and serve our clients
Permanent Operational Office

Our clients can easily find out our permanent operational office and analytical laboratory as we are located in the heart of Johor Bahru.

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