1. What scope of services?
- PAC provides Environmental, Occupational Safety & Health and Training services.

2. What type of samples can your laboratory analyze?
- PAC provides services for environmental samples like air (ambient air and stack emission), water and wastewater (ground water, potable water, boiler water, drinking water etc).

3. Are your laboratories is recognized internationally?
- Yes. PAC is a MS ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 accredited testing laboratory in the fields of chemical by the Malaysian Department of Standard – The Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia (SAMM), the Laboratory Accreditation Scheme of Malaysia.

4. What is the test methods used in your laboratory?
- Standard methods like APHA, ASTM, ISC, In-house method and etc will be used in our laboratory.

5. How long it takes for testing and report issuance?
- Depends on the complexity of testing and also samples that involved. You also can inform us if you need the result urgently.
6. How and when should I pay for the analysis charge?
- Each analysis will be conducted once PAC receive the valid PO (Purchase Order) issued by your organization. Analysis charges can be paid by cash or cheque.

7. Does PAC commit to confidentiality?
- Yes. PAC always committed to confidentiality. We seek to earn the trust of each and every client. Our philosophy involves the creation of partnerships with our clients.
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